Wildlife Wednesday – horror and surprise

It’s been a while since I joined the Wildlife meme hosted by Tina at her lovely blog: My gardener says. As the saying goes – winter happened…

Finally last week in a midst of a ‘heat wave’ :) I was able to open my cold frames. They host a variety of small pots mainly with young seedlings and sowings; all wrapped in blankets, plastic, plus outside tarps, and mostly under snow (which is a good thing). It was a joyous moment to see that most were well, even a few new seedlings!

Then, unexpectedly, a slug started to crawl on the green tarp; horror and surprise! I didn’t know the temperature inside the frames would allow them to be active at this time. More than this, the very dry last summer/fall made the slugs rare/almost nonexistent in the garden.

Limax maximus probably

I am sure all gardeners are familiar with these pesky, horrible ‘things’. This one, if I’m not mistaken, is a Limax maximus (still juvenile); as the name says it can get very large. It resembles the European black slug, or black arion  (Arion ater L.) but the latter hasn’t been reported from Ontario (yet). Probably everyone knows that slugs are hermaphroditic – they have both male and female reproductive organs; and some are self-fertilizing, so one slug can start a population!!!

I know that even the slugs have a positive role in the environment, but I cannot allow my fresh seedlings to be destroyed. So, I apologize that my first posting of the year for the Wildlife Wednesday coincides with the first killing of the year. I hope to have nicest wildlife pictures for the month of April.



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  1. Tina
    Tina says:

    Well, it’s definitely ‘maximus’, isn’t it! You definitely couldn’t let it eat the seedlings, so, yeah, first mushing of the year

  2. offtheedgegardening
    offtheedgegardening says:

    I was promised horror and you delivered, I even screamed when I saw the monster. Glad you dealt with it before it could do much damage. Now you just have to be vigilant, he/she may have left some offspring behind ……

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      That’s for sure ;( They are not such a big nuisance like for you out there, but still, the idea of munching on my seedlings…

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