“When you think about it, seeds are improbable things. They don’t really seem alive, but of course they are, in a hidden kind of way….” – W. Cullina

One of the reasons I started to look at the seeds with a 40x hand lens and then taking close-up pictures, was the above saying of W. Cullina, fierce advocate of North American wildflowers and promoter of growing plants from seeds. I felt the need to ‘watch’ them at a more intimate level (as intimate I can get with my camera).

More important, these images are also of big help in identifying species or at least make it easier to assign them to a corresponding plant family. I hope some will find few answers to their questions from the seeds images library.

Regarding names – in some cases it is a matter of what opinion to accept. The author(s) names are specified to make it easier for those interested to find the accepted synonyms. As well, nowadays, botanical families may change faster than my pages ;)
I believe 99.9% of the seeds posted here are true to name; however, to “err is human” …

If you found these images helpful in some way, your support would be much appreciated – there are plenty of seeds offered in the Seeds Shop!

Thank you – any questions and inquiries are welcomed through the Contact Form.

Jan. 3, 2017 – This feature will remain a ‘work in progress’; more pages/families/images will be added gradually (see the drop-down menu).