Pre-order Seeds for 2017 season – CLOSED
Thank you for all pre-orders!

A new pre-order page will be open/available in early spring of 2018


Please read the whole page before placing pre-orders.

Recommended for pre-ordering are the following: Hepatica, Anemone quinquefolia, Claytonia, Erythronium americanum, Thalictrum thalictroides, Coptis trifolia, Symplocarpus foetidus; for wholesale – any species.

Prosartes lanuginosa seeds (moist packed) may also be available this year (in low quantity on the account of small population).

But, of course you can place a pre-order for anything else and will be given priority in case of  low seed setting.

HEPATICA – pre-orders are closed for Hepatica/ May 23.

This year Hepatica seeds will be dispatched asap after collecting in late May-June. Try not to combine Hepatica seeds pre-order with other species (except Claytonia), or be prepared to have your seeds delivered in separate parcels.

As soon as the spring flowering/ seed collecting begins, pictures will be posted in the blog and our Facebook page. Please consider subscribing/following: Facebook page


For moist-packed seeds: 15% off discount for 3+ seeds pck. pre-ordered.                                                            

There is no discount for dry/regular seeds (except wholesales).

Wholesale requests (dry/moist packed seeds) will be considered for more than 8-10+ seed pck. of the same species (up to 25% discount depending on the species). Contact for more details please.
We only offer wholesales to plant nurseries and for naturalizations projects.

Vip customers will apply their 25% off coupon for pre-orders. ORGS and SRGC members will apply their 20% discount.

This is likely to be available for Hepatica.
There is good hope that Hepatica acutiloba – pink flowers form will also be available this year.

For this season pre-orders are also recommended for Lilium species.

The following species (not displayed in the shop), can also be available by pre-order.
Fritillaria caucasica
Fritillaria collina
Fritillaria ruthenica

Callianthemum: alatavicum and sajanense.

Please write clear on the form: name, address/country, species and number of packets/each species.
We will contact you in case the pre-ordered seeds have become available and for moist-packed seeds, please be ready to purchase them right away (invoice over PayPal).

* Prices are subject to be adjusted depending on seeds availability.

Thank you!

Pre-orders are accepted now ONLY for seeds that are collected in late summer/fall