Due to many difficulties encountered when trying to comply with the USA Small Lot of Seeds permit we no longer ship seeds to the USA.
But this page provides info regarding how to apply for the permit and it may assist those wanting to obtain it in order to purchase seeds from other sources or to participate in seeds exchanges.

USA residents are required by their government a ‘Small lot of seeds permit’ in order to import seeds from ANY country. This permit is issued by APHIS-USDA.

This link leads to the APHIS-USDA website where anyone can apply for free for a Small lot of seeds e-permit, which is then valid for 3 years. Click on the following link to read about the: Small lot of seeds permit.

The e-permit must be accompanied by the green & yellow labels that get attached to the parcel. You can obtain as many labels as you wish but you also need to ask for them.

I would like to emphasize how to complete the form when applying – don’t mark just the species you wish to purchase at the moment, or Canada as country. This permit gives you the right to buy ALL ALLOWED species, from ALL allowed countries, for the length of its validity (please click to open the image gallery to see the first page at full size), including participating in seed exchanges with various plants Societies.

One ‘detail’ not well explained on the USDA website is that the name/address on the permit has to coincide with the shipping name/address.

A few species are not allowed the entry into the territory of US even with this permit. On the same website there is a long list of species not allowed.

The green & yellow label will direct your parcel to the specified APHIS-USDA Inspection Station where the seeds and paperwork will be checked.

Your parcel should include, besides the seeds packets, your printed permit, a list/invoice with the numbered species and other details not required by other countries. You can see how the first page of the permit and a green & yellow label look; also moist-packed seeds prepared for the shipping (Names and addresses have been black-marked for privacy reasons).

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