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BotanyCa is a quality oriented and environmentally conscious seed enterprise striving to offer a combination of native wildflowers from North America as well as plant species collected from other parts of the world. Growing plants from seeds is not only a very entertaining activity; it also has a huge importance for preserving plant biodiversity. The number of plant species known only in cultivation or with a poor genetic pool due to clonal propagation is bound to increase in the future.

Besides doing a good deed for biodiversity, growing plants from seeds also provides access to many plant species not grown by commercial nurseries, and in general to a larger range of plants at a very small cost…read more About BotanyCa.

 As proof of our commitment to quality and craftsmanship, you will find in our shop a great number of moist stored/shipped seeds from species that otherwise loose rapidly their viability – see the Moist packed seeds category.

Moist packed seeds of Jeffersonia, Coptis, Aconitum ‘Ivorine’, Stylophorum and few others are in stock!
Look for Trillium grandiflorum and Sanguinaria canadensis on Canada 150 Celebration category :)

  • Jeffersonia diphylla moist packed seeds are in stock!

  • Aconitum septentrionale ‘Ivorine’

  • Trillium grandiflorum – celebrate Canada 150th!

  • Sanguinaria canadensis – sale!!!

  • Asarum canadense – sale!!!

  • Stylophorum diphyllum

  • Coptis trifolia

  • Corydalis incisa

  • Stylophorum lasiocarpum

Just added to the Shop!

  • Phyteuma orbiculare

  • Soldanella hungarica

  • Iris ruthenica

  • Ranunculus alpestris

  • Geum reptans

  • Pedicularis verticillata

  • Draba haynaldii

  • Jurinea mollis

  • Anthemis carpatica ssp. pyrethriformis

  • Silene compacta

  • Ephedra distachya

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Celebration Sale!

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 Carnivorous Plants

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