Syneilesis punishment

After wasting time with the ceremony, I was punished to do my homework on the weekend – there are still seeds to be added in the catalogue…

I didn’t think at Syneilesis until someone who participated in the Helleborus seeds trade, asked if by any chance I have a few Syneilesis aconitifolia good seeds…There it was the warning! Indeed, if you read on various gardening forums, it will be confirmed; ‘seeds’ are set copiously but only a small amount are viable. Such a pity, considering it is a warm, easy germinator. Luckily, I was gifted, again :), a whole bunch of dry inflorescences and after sorting through all of them with patience, I was left with a few good ‘seeds’ (and a REALLY big pile of ‘fluff’).

Syneilesis aconitifolia, the shredded umbrella plant, is a great foliage plant usually grown in part-shade, but who also tolerates full sun. When grown in a rich, moist substrate it will spread to form a healthy clump, but don’t worry, there will always be someone wanting a small division of your plant. Personally, I like it most in the spring when new shoots are emerging from the ground, with the leaves covered in silky hairs – the equivalent of a fuzzy mayapple!

Syneilesis aconitifolia

Syneilesis aconitifolia emergng in early spring

They maintain the fuzziness for a little while; then after expanding, the large, ‘shredded’ leaves will make you believe they belong to another plant! The name aconitifolia, actually suggests the resemblance with an Aconitum leaf (the deeply lobed kind). Tall flowering stems erupt in the summer bearing rather insignificant flowers.
There are also mentions of Syneilesis aconitifolia being used as a medicinal plant.

Syneilesis aconitifolia foliage in May


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  1. Amy Olmsted
    Amy Olmsted says:

    well now all those times I sowed the seed and was disappointed makes sense! I have saved a packet full from my own plant and will sift through them hunting down the ‘good’ ones. thanks!

  2. John Willis
    John Willis says:

    I was researching some of the seeds obtained from the NARGS this year (specifically Delphinium tatsienense) and I came across your website. Very nice indeed! That’s nice information about Syneilesis aconitifolia. I only have two, but hopefully they will spread….

    • diversifolius
      diversifolius says:

      Thank you. I have to add that’s also very floriferous; the images belong to one of the seedlings I grew last spring! (sown early in February). There is just the ‘little’ problem that
      I’m not 100% about its identity (although those were seeds I bought). I also got seeds from it, maybe they’ll help clarify the situation.

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